Lift Parts

Bumper Riser Brackets

Fitted a body lift? Have a gap between your front bumper and body on your

Gen2.0 Surf
Mk3 Hilux
Mk4 Hilux
Mk5 Hilux

No problem. We can manufacture steel brackets to lift your bumper anywhere from 1-4" (25mm-100mm)

Rad Drop Brackets

Fitted a body lift? Radiator too high? 
Some trucks suffer with:

Short coolant hoses, 
A rad cap on the thermostat housing (this needs to be the highest part)
A fan catching the Rad Cowl,

Some small lifts get away without these, but if your experiencing any of the above we can help. By dropping the radiator by the amount of body lift you have fitted, the rad can be returned to stock height (in relation to the engine) Resulting in no catching/stretching/underfilling. 

These can be made at home but many prefer to have these ready to bolt on minimising the work required when fitting a body lift. If your truck is your only vehicle this can keep down time to a minimum and get you out enjoying your monster sooner. 

Traction Bars

If you have fitted lift blocks

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